Classroom Resources
Teaching a classroom, whether it be a pre-AP or Advanced Placement course, can be a difficult task without the right resources.  Linked below are resources that teachers in our program have found useful.  They have used these as they develop the necessary rigor for all students to achieve.
       NMSI Teaching Resources

       Quest Online Homework
       Laying The Foundation Training
Professional Resources
For our students to continue to grow and succeed we as teachers must do so as well.  If you feel that you are ready to take on a new challenge and you seek authentic professional development that will not only strengthen you as a teacher but as a leader in education then please consider the following.
Become an AP Exam Reader
       Become an LTF Trainer

Curriculum Resources
Be prepared for the Common Core State Standards and make sure your classes are preparing your students to be career and college ready.  With Advanced Placement classes being the equivalent of first year college courses it becomes even more important that your 6-12 curriculum is preparing them for the challenge.

       Common Core and AP

Program Resources
Teaching Advanced Placement coursework can be a challenge.  Teaching Advanced Placement coursework in an open enrollment environment is even more challenging.  Every student deserves an opportunity to realize their maximum potential.  AdvanceKentucky wants to support teachers in their effort.  The following resources give teachers and students support that all have equal opportunity at success. 

       Vertical Team Meetings

       Student Study Sessions
       Mentor Program I Timeline
       Equipping the AP Classroom
       Mock Exams

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