teacher trainingContent-rich teacher training is at the core of the NMSI AP Teacher Training and Incentive Program, which AdvanceKentucky is replicating.

AP Summer Institutes*
(APSI) (5 days)

Three Kentucky universities currently offer APSIs. To check on dates and locations go to:

AdvanceKentucky supports registration fee; schools pay all travel expenses (same for approved equivalent trainings).

APSI Equivalents*

Check with AdvanceKentucky on available alternatives or if a teacher has a suggestion. This option may be supported only upon pre-approval of the respective AdvanceKentucky Content Director.  Alternative options may be sought in search of evermore rigorous content, to accommodate scheduling conflicts, or an interest in attending out-of-state APSI locations.  Other selected examples for experienced teachers include becoming an AP Reader for College Board, College Board Internship at Oxford, etc.

AdvanceKentucky Fall Forum* (2 days)

   This is a customized training for AP teachers participating in AdvanceKentucky. This is subject specific and conducted by experienced AP teachers as consultants from Kentucky and elsewhere. AdvanceKentucky supports the training fees; schools pay all travel expenses.

Pre-AP Training (4 days)

    AdvanceKentucky has elected to offer Laying the Foundation (LTF) to comply with this required element of the NSMI Model. This is a 3-year sequence of a total of 12 training days focused on skills progressions starting as early as the 6th grade. It is offered in Kentucky as a 4-day summer institute. AdvanceKentucky supports the training fees for up to 6 pre-AP teachers; schools pay all travel expenses.

Vertical Team Meetings* (4 times a year)

   These are school/district meetings of approximately 90 minutes four times a year. School Content Coordinators receive training and suggestions on how to plan for maximum benefit on preparing students for the rigors of AP.
Content Review Sessions*

   These are conducted for each eligible AP course three times a year. Schools within geographic regions are encouraged to collaborate in conducting these sessions. AdvanceKentucky will reimburse the school (or teacher) for food and prizes up to a maximum budgeted amount based on pre-registered attendees. AdvanceKentucky contracts directly with consultants to conduct these sessions.

Teacher Mentor Program

   Mentors are well-experienced AP teachers who contract with AdvanceKentucky/KSTC to assist other teachers.  This could include 
developing a syllabus that is appropriate for to the resources (equipment, schedule), c
ontent, structure and order of topics, pacing, and satisfying the requirements of the College Board audit, etc.

   The Mentor will periodically meet with the mentee and maintain regular contact throughout the year to answer questions, review assessment materials, demonstrate good teaching practices by presenting a lesson. For science teachers, a mentor could assist with the implementation of a laboratory exercise, involving set-up and analysis. 

   The Mentee will be responsive to efforts assist their professional growth and development of skills and knowledge to help their students achieve qualifying scores, particularly in an open enrollment environment that is new to many AP teachers. 

Summer Leader Training

   Once a year the Leader Teams from AdvanceKentucky schools will have an opportunity to network with each other and share strategies.  In subsequent year, the training will be tailored for experienced schools through largely online access and for new schools face-to-face.  AdvanceKentucky pays for registration fees and travel for the first year on-site meeting. 

* An AP teacher will earn part of the Teacher Stipend by attendance and active participation at this event, which must be reported by the teacher in the AdvanceKentucky online Data Reporting System in order to qualify for payment.

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