Commitment to Model  Selected schools agree to follow the same the NMSI College Readiness Program Elements of Success now underway in dozens of public high schools across Kentucky (and several other states). The goal of the program is to strengthen the teaching of AP mathematics, science, and English (MSE) courses (listed below), to build enrollment and dramatically increase rigorous new learning as evidenced by the number of students taking and earning qualifying scores on AP exams in these important subjects. 

Submission of Application
   There are narrative and data portions of the application materials.  An appliciton is considered incomplete without reciept of both formats.  The application review process will take place over the summer to select sites to visit this Fall.  Preference will be given to schools that are in a position to initiate or dramatically grow their AP programs in math, science and English, particularly for underrepresented student populations.  This includes a commitment to strengthening their pre-AP programs. This may include large and small schools that seek to add or significantly increase enrollments in AP courses in math, science, and English.

Eligible AP Courses    AdvanceKentucky coursework includes AP Math exams in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science A, and Statistics; and AP Science exams in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics 1 and 2, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism and Physics C: Mechanics; and AP English exams in English Language and English Literature.

Application Review and Site Visits   Upon submission and review of the school application, the process includes various site visits to brief the school team on the details and answer questions on the Elements of Success, and follow-on visits to meet one-on-one with the content teachers.  

Letter of Agreement   Under this competitive Request for Applications, eligbile applicants are invited to participate in AdvanceKentucky, contingent on available funding each year. Upon mutual understanding, a school may be invited to negotiate a Letter of Agreement with Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation to participate in AdvanceKentucky beginning with activities associated with the following school year.

Start-Up Activities/Timetable   Pending availability of new funds, the new Cohort will begin in Spring 2016 with activities associated with the 16/17 academic year. This includes planning for any new AP classes and AP and Pre-AP teacher training in Summer 2016.

Availability of Funding
   Overall funding is limited each year in total amount and by donor guidelines that may restrict the use of funds.  We offer this ealry alert to applicants that while we work year-round on fundraising, we may not be certain of the total amount available to support new schools until the Spring. Because optimal start-up activities that provide a school with the best chance of success need to begin well before a school prepares its new-year schedule, we find it essential to conduct the selection process often before total funding is secured.  

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